Here are today’s top fashion news stories, from our friends around the globe. Today we: The problem with modern day models, the designer bridal selfie stick, Amanda Bynes goes to fashion college and Stella McCartney to sue Steve Madden. Reem Acra bring bridal selfie sticks to the runway  Love them or hate them, selfie sticks are here to stay. The perfect accessory for any narcissist has had a high fashion makeover thanks to Reem Acra. More here: Elle The problem with modern day models  At the age of 87, veteran

So our boss has decided that from now on we will have a prosecco fuelled lunch every Wednesday as a way to bond more with one another. When Wednesday rolled around, I wasn’t exactly prepared for what was about to happen. See that morning I was running a tad late so I foolishly skipped breakfast, with and empty stomach and much trepidation I took the glass of prosecco that was offered to me and hesitantly gulped. See, our boss takes her lunch at 11, so being on the booze that early, while

There are three inevitabilities in life; death, attention seeking Facebook statuses and Monday mornings. Chances are you had a bit of a wild weekend, you may or may not have consumed your weight in wine on Saturday night and then spent your Sunday in bed consuming large volumes of all things fried. So you probably feel a bit out of sorts when you arose on Monday morning.  Waking up is such sweet sorrow  You’ve had a dreadful night sleep, you wake up, you sit at the end of your bed

We are in love with this pretty blush look. Makeup artist Nam Vo has created this multidimensional blusher look which catches light, just like a hologram. She uses a layering technique and a mixture of products with different finishes to create this glowing look. We have compiled a list of what we think are the best blushers to help you create this look. To start, apply a cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks. We love: MAC cremeblend blush. Secondly, using a blusher brush to gently dust a pressed powder blush with

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